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Firms using QuickFee have reduced their A/R by up to 45 days, overnight! If you’re thinking your firm’s A/R is under control, use QuickFee to win more work. Our experience shows that 60% of your clients want more advice from you, but don’t know how to pay for it. QuickFee gets you and your clients around that barrier and enhances your relationship.

Ensure your firm is paid on time, every time! Let’s face it – every firm has clients who don’t pay on time. QuickFee gives firms a way to make sure they get paid within their terms while allowing clients to take up to 12 months to pay their invoices. Clients enjoy the flexibility of monthly installments over a period that suits their cash flow. Everyone wins!

KPMG: Supporting Clients in Difficult Times. A QuickFee Success Story: “It’s easy to be there to support clients in good times, but you need to try and help support them through the tough times as well” – Paul Green, COO of Enterprise at KPMG

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