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Fluency has built our next generation solution on verified trust. Please know that our clients are relationships and not transactions. Fluency’s specialty is cybersecurity and our MDR solution ensures we bring the latest and best tools together to ensure your overall cybersecurity health is strong and stays vigilant around the clock to protect your practice. We monitor everything from your desktops to your cloud applications to your networks ensuring no breaches exist. The tools we bring are commercial enterprise grade and not your simple home-based applications, like anti-virus. Many of our clients seek our guidance on other information technology needs such as email security solutions to network configurations. Protecting your business and your data is first and foremost our focus. Often with your being in the Financial Industry you’ll face many regulations from simple PCI-DSS (credit card) requirements to FINRA to privacy related regulations such as the CCPA (California Consumer Privacy Act) – we help ensure you meet these regulations as it pertains to log management and other cybersecurity protections. The weakest link in cybersecurity continues to be people. Often, they’ll respond to phishing emails, spoofing requests for payments and will open files from unknown sources. Additionally, we see behavior that should stay at home being done at work or on company assets, especially with the work at home employees. This adds high risk for infections. We believe in constant training to help you protect your business and will make recommendations as needed. We are your trusted cybersecurity partner!

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  • Tuesday, November 10, 2020 Fluency Security

    Audit Analytics cites a 400% increase in cyber breaches since 2011. They also note on average it takes 108 days to discover a breach. Can you really afford to have your clients' data made public for that long before you know? Are you prepared? Download this brief for helpful suggestions.